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Learn more about the process for submitting an abstract, an Expression of Interest for country delegation, and official satellites, technical marketplace & concurrent thematic session. 

For more guidance on the conference, please visit the quick links below.

  • Learn more about abstract submissions, country delegation applications, concurrent thematic sessions and more on, our official conference website.
  • View key dates to submit abstracts and register. 
  • Questions? Check out our FAQ page.
  • Learn more about AlignMNH, a knowledge sharing platform to rapidly share science, evidence and programmatic experience across the maternal and newborn health communities
  • IMNHC Official Satellites, Technical Marketplace & Concurrent Thematic Sessions
    Learn more about official satellites, technical marketplace and concurrent thematic sessions at the IMNHC 2023
  • IMNHC Abstracts and Pre-formed Panels
    Learn more about abstracts and pre-formed panels for the IMNHC 2023
  • IMNHC Official Country Delegations
    Learn more about the official Country Delegations at the IMNHC 2023